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Walks alone often lead to thinking
My emotions are mixed up at this point. I don't really know how to explain it without going into everything about my life and honestly, that's too exhausting.

I find myself thinking too much, but really, what else is new?
This could all be caused by my period (which isn't surprising); I just wish my mind wouldn't bring up such good points.


Pizza with Sean tomorrow night.

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I love my friends. Just because they are them. I also appologize for not telling you everything in the last entry. For some reason I thought it would be easier just to keep it bottled up, but as you can see, it wasn't.

The me you have come across is me, just a very protective me and afraid to let you in. I've let some in pretty far. I just wanted to save them the trouble of dealing with my blubbering.

Love you

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Yeah, so on top of rocking my Assessment quiz on Monday, I got a freakin' 90% on my Astronomy test!!!!!!!!!1 (72 out of 80) Look, God made this a good busy week for me and I am sooo unbelievably grateful.

I'm home now, on break and it feels amazing to wake up without an alarm and worry about what I'm going to do for the day. Geez, on a normal Wednesday, I'd be sitting with Christina, having breakfast in the SUB. Instead, I'm not showered, sitting in our computer room in sweats and slippers. Ain't life great? hahah

Can't wait to see my Joshua tonight!

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Yeah so this is the first time I've been able to get online in the last couple of days. It's been sooo backed up, AIM was even kicking me off. Ugh. My classes aren't that bad....just a lot of work so far. I'm a little overwhelmed b/c of course the professors want to tell you about every single project due over the course of the semester. Yeah, that makes me a little skiddish.

I had Spaghetti O's today and they made me feel better.

I miss Josh and home. I'll be home by like 3ish on Friday.

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Yesterday Josh and I made a road trip up to NY to the Corning Museum of Glass. I love road trips. They're a little nerve wracking when you don't know where to go, but all the less fun. The museum itself was gorgeous and the art pieces were amazing. I even designed my own glass! There was a TON of construction....so I recommend giving yourself some extra time if you plan on a trip to NY. You truly never realize how beautiful PA is until you drive through it.

Yesterday was perfect. Last night was less than perfect. It finally hit me. I'm going back to school in a week and folks, it's going by real fast. I'm sure Auntie Flo helped a little, but I broke down last night and again this morning. Maybe I should have worked this week to get my mind off things. My room is packed with supplies. Why is it that I'm scared to leave this year? I already know I'm going to miss home the second I leave. My friends and Josh have made my summer unforgettable. I'm not ready to say good bye just yet. Therefore...if you want to get in a little time before I leave, let me know.

I should end it here....the battery for my computer is being recalled....hopefully it won't explode before I get a new one!

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Yes. I have 4 days left. I know I've said this before, but it hasn't hit me. I think it'll hit me like a Mack truck when I'm saying goodbye. I hate it when that happens.

As far as I feel right now, I'm in the mindset that I'll be here for a while longer. I think that's my body's attempt to say that I'm ready to go home.

Somehow though, I don't think I'm ready.

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All I can do is smile. I had a good day and a fun night with Lauren. I always adore seeing her. :)

I chopped my hair off today and I think I'm in shock. It's so short and for the past 2 years it has been long and thick. Culture shock. I'm getting good feedback though. Hopefully it will grow on me. Oh duh. It's hair. ha ha Okay, so not that funny?!

Observations were good, and tomorrow is Joshua Day!

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Current Music: AAR "Move Along"

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I am home for Spring Break until the 19th. Call me and we'll do something :)

It feels like I haven't been here in so long and in reality, it's only been like 2 weeks. Hmmm I can't wait to get my hair cut this week. I'll definitely post pictures :)

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So Kristen is in L.A. right now, and you know what, I hope she's having a great time. I know I am...having the room to myself is nice. I don't have to be considerate. I can do what I want. It's sad that I say that w/o a roommate though. hahahah

This week has been crazy..I need the weekend already. Please come soon, thanks.

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So I think my mid-college career crisis has cooled off. I know I'm not transfering, but I hope I can get involved a little more b/c I still feel somewhat useless. I hope I get this job for the fall as well as finding/creating a club or two. I'm getting excited for the apartment again.

Kristen leaves for L.A. early Weds. morning. It'll be until next Monday until I see her again. Yes, this means some privacy, but I think I'll miss her a little bit. Hope she has fun.....

I really hate regretting things. Wish there was no such thing, ya know? Oh well...back to work

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Current Music: Sean Paul "Temperature"

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